15 Space Heater Alternatives (Efficient & Simple)

Searching for a comfy and clever space heater alternatives that don’t spark fire hazards? You’ve come to the right place!

We give you 15 creative solutions. These will provide you with warmth and ease without any of the risks. You’ll be amazed at how user-friendly they are!

Radiant floor heating

Space Heater Alternatives

Radiant floor heating is a way to provide an even warmth throughout a room. No radiators needed! It works by using warm water that runs through pipes under the floor. Then, the warm air rises and fills the room. This heat is consistent and goes around furniture and walls – it’s great for hard-to-heat areas. Plus, it’s very efficient and can be adjusted to save on utility bills. Dust allergies are minimized. It also has health benefits.

Installing it takes planning and experience. Once it’s in place, it can last for many years with minimal maintenance costs.

Electric fireplace

Space Heater Alternatives

Electric fireplaces are a great heating option. They don’t burn wood, but use electrical resistance to generate heat. You can adjust the heat, and use it for zonal or whole-room heating.

Electric fireplaces come in mantel styles, with logs and flames, or wall-mounted units. Prices range from under $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on size and features. Some have remote control, adjustable flame brightness, thermostats, and timers.

Central heating system

Space Heater Alternatives

Those with the option and resources should consider a central heating system. This circulates warm air through ducts and vents connected to a central unit. It provides efficient, even heating. Unless you often travel, it’s often the best solution.

Central heating comes in various forms. Forced air furnaces, heat pumps, radiant floor systems, geothermal heat pumps, boiler systems with radiators – each has pros and cons. To assess your needs, consult an experienced HVAC contractor. Invest in installation after that.

Heat pump

Space Heater Alternatives

Heat pumps are a great way to heat or cool your home! They work by taking air from outside and using energy efficient tech to warm or cool it before pumping it inside. Little maintenance is needed and they can last for years with care.

Heat pumps are usually used in milder climates, but newer models have aux heaters to keep it warm on the cold days.

Wall-mounted electric heater

Space Heater Alternatives

Wall-mounted electric heaters are a type of space heater that can be installed on a wall. They use electricity to generate heat and the thermostat can be adjusted. Some models have extra features like wide angle oscillation and fans.

These heaters have low energy consumption, are quiet, and blend in with home decor. Before using one, make sure your building meets safety requirements and if wall insulation and ventilation are needed.

Infrared heating panel

Space Heater Alternatives

Infrared heating panels have become very trendy in the last few years. They’re known as IR panels and use infrared radiation to heat people and objects, instead of air.

The panels are more efficient than traditional space heaters – using less electricity. They also detect movement and regulate temperatures without making too much hot air.

They can be very quiet, and need very little maintenance. You can pick your temperature with the adjustable thermostat, so they work in homes, garages, workshops, offices, studios, and bedrooms.

Gas heater

Space Heater Alternatives

Gas heaters – a reliable way to stay toasty! Different shapes and sizes available to fit any room in the house. Installation is needed, but you’ll save big bucks in the long run. Natural gas is cheap and you can control the temperature and humidity.

Before buying, check for adjustable thermostat setting, silent operation, efficient burning, fuel savings programs, and automatic shut-off.

Oil-filled radiator (Simple)

Space Heater Alternatives

Oil-filled radiators are electric heaters with a thermostat, so you can control energy use. The oil in the radiator heats up, while the unit stays cool. This makes it a safe choice for households with children or pets.

The radiators come in different sizes and styles, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re great for colder climates where temperatures drop below freezing.

The initial cost of an oil-filled radiator may be more than other space heaters, but they save money on your energy bill over time.

Vented gas fireplace

Space Heater Alternatives

Vented gas fireplaces are great for larger rooms such as family rooms and bedrooms. Not only do they look good, but also heat up efficiently. They use natural gas or liquid propane and the combustion gases are released through a vent pipe outside.

Different shapes and sizes are available so you can find the right one for you. Some models feature realistic flames from ceramic logs or pebbles and oxygen depletion sensors for extra safety.

Pellet stove

Space Heater Alternatives

A pellet stove is a great choice if you’re after an efficient heating source. It uses sawdust pellets, which are easy to store and transport. Plus, you can get one made from cast-iron or soapstone for a warm, homey look. It’s also compact and has low emissions, so it can be used in any environment.

For cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, pellet stoves are hard to beat. They produce a lot of heat while using less fuel than gas or oil-burning units – up to 70% less in some models. They’re also inexpensive compared to other heaters, and their fuel costs less than electricity or gas. Plus, they have good stability, require little maintenance and can be installed almost anywhere.

Wood-burning stove

Space Heater Alternatives

Wood-burning stoves bring warmth and beauty to many homes. There are cast iron and soapstone types available. Heat from this kind of stove radiates, plus it offers a cozy atmosphere with a pleasant fire. Roasting marshmallows is a bonus!

It’s best to obey local codes when installing one. Chimneys should be swept annually for safety.

Wood-burning can be cost effective for fuel, but the stove and installation are pricey.

Solar heating system

Space Heater Alternatives

Solar panel systems are a great way to save on energy costs. They use the Sun’s energy instead of fuel and electricity, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.

They come in various designs, sizes, and configurations. Outdoor collector panels absorb the Sun’s energy and store it in tanks with antifreeze solution. This is then released at night or on cloudy days.

Installation costs may be more than a typical space heater, however they can save homeowners thousands in energy costs over the life of their system. Plus, some states offer tax credits for solar energy installations which may cover start-up costs.

Geothermal heating system

Space Heater Alternatives

A geothermal heating system is a great choice if you want to save money and be energy efficient. It works with buried pipes outside your home. The pipes take heat from the ground, then transfer it into your home. This helps keep the temperature comfortable. It’s also an environmentally friendly option, since it doesn’t use fuel.

The process of installing a geothermal heating system can be complex. It may take several days to finish. You may need help from a contractor or installer. Even though it costs more upfront, it can save you money in the long run. It’s worth considering if you want a reliable and cost-effective alternative to space heaters.

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling system (Efficient)

Space Heater Alternatives

A ductless mini-split system, also known as a mini-split system, is a great way to control the temperature of your home or office. It includes two parts – an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit, connected by refrigerant lines. It’s designed for heating in winter and cooling in summer, and can also be used for spot heating or cooling year round.

The system is energy-efficient, so it costs less to run than space heaters. It can also be used with air filters for better air quality.

Hot water baseboard heating system.

Space Heater Alternatives

Hot water baseboard heating is a popular home heating system used in North America. It works by circulating hot water through pipes and radiators along walls. The boiler heats the water before sending it to radiators, giving steady and efficient heating.

This type of system is simple to install and maintain. It does not use electricity to generate heat, making it energy-efficient. However, installation costs can be higher and certain models produce noise from the heat pump.

Frequency Ask Question

Are there any benefits to using alternative heating systems instead of space heaters?

Yes, there are several benefits to using alternative heating systems. They can be more energy efficient, cost-effective, and may provide more consistent heating throughout a room or building.

Are alternative heating systems more expensive than space heaters?

The cost of alternative heating systems can vary depending on the type of system, the size of the space being heated, and the cost of installation. In some cases, alternative heating systems may be more expensive upfront, but may provide cost savings over time due to improved energy efficiency.

Can alternative heating systems be used in small spaces?

Yes, many alternative heating systems can be used in small spaces. It is important to choose a heating system that is appropriately sized for the space being heated.

Are alternative heating systems safe to use?

Yes, alternative heating systems can be safe to use if installed and maintained properly. It is important to follow all manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines, and to have the heating system inspected by a professional if any issues arise.

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