13 Shower Drain Cover Types for Replacement (Hair Catcher & Odor)

Shower drain covers are an important part of the shower that helps keep it clean and free from clogs. There are various types of shower drain covers available, each with their own unique features and benefits.

The types is varied from metal mesh, solid cover and also decorative covers.

To help you make better decision, read this article to learn about the different types of shower drain covers available.

Types of Shower Drain Plugs

Types of Shower Drain Plugs

Shower drain covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of shower drain you have installed. Here are some types of shower drain you need to know:

Metal Drain Covers

Metal covers are typically made of chrome or brushed nickel and feature open slots to allow water to pass through into the pipe below while preventing debris from entering. They come in a selection of finishes but can be corrosive to sensitive surfaces if not chosen carefully.

Plastic Drain Covers

Plastic shower drain covers feature an array of design elements that allow water to flow freely into the pipe without hindering it with debris or other blockages. Most plastic cover systems include a raised lip that helps guide water towards the center of the cover for better drainage efficiency.

Silicone Drain Covers

Silicone Drain Covers

Silicone offers excellent strength and flexibility when exposed to high temperatures such as those found in showers or baths. This material is also non-toxic and volatile organic compound (VOCs) free so it won’t corrode pipes or damage other sensitive surfaces within your bathroom environment.

Additionally, silicone features ultraviolet (UV) protection that helps keep it looking new even after years of continuous exposure to steamy showers and baths!

Rubber Drain Gasket Material

This type of material is designed specifically for use as a gasket beneath shower heads or other plumbing fixtures. It can help prevent high levels of moisture from leaking past seals over time by conforming tightly against any irregular surface conditions found beneath the fixture or within the wall drainage system itself.

Many building codes require special reinforcement for shower and bathtub drains if they are not lined up particularly close together – rubber gaskets can be used as an additional form of protection against these types scenarios as they offer superior sealing qualities when compared with plastic models!

Stainless Steel Drain Covers

These highly durable options have been developed to resist corrosion better than traditional metal models while still providing superior support and strength needed beneath shower heads & bathtubs alike.

If you live near a beach then this choice might be best suited -as saltwater will eventually corrode most metals after prolonged exposure periods! Additionally stainless steel offers greater temperature tolerance therefore making it ideal installing outdoors where extreme weather conditions may take place at times (i.e cold climates).

Shower Drain Cover Replacement

Replacing the shower drain cover can be a hassle, but it’s an important part of keeping your shower functioning properly.

A clogged or damaged drain cover can not only cause water to back up in your shower, it can also allow mold and mildew to grow in the standing water. Luckily, replacing a shower drain cover is relatively easy and requires few tools.

Here are some other ideas of what you can use as the shower drain cover replacement!

Removable Shower Drain Covers

Removable shower drain covers are designed to be easily removed and replaced, and they can offer a number of benefits. These types of covers have an outer ring that can be easily unscrewed or removed with a screwdriver.

Inside the outer ring, there is a central stopper that can be used to block or restrict the flow of water from the shower drain. Removable shower drain covers come in different sizes so you can get one that best fits your needs.

The benefit to having a removable shower drain cover is that it allows for easy access when cleaning or unblocking a clogged drain, as well as easier maintenance of the shower pan itself.

This type of cover also helps to protect your floors and walls from any accidental flooding due to clogged drains, as well as preventing debris such as hair and dirt from building up in the pipe system beneath your shower pan.

When choosing a removable shower drain cover, make sure you select one that is made from high-quality materials that are designed for long-term use. Additionally, look for a product with adjustable height settings to make sure it fits perfectly over your existing drainage system.

Screw-In Shower Drain Covers

Screw-in shower drain covers are a popular choice for many residential bathrooms. This type of drain cover is generally made from metal and has male threads on its underside that screws into the female threads of the drain.

Advantages include their durability and ease of cleaning: since they’re removable, you can simply unscrew it to remove any hair, dirt or debris.

Additionally, they’re inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you need to replace them. Common sizes range from 2″ – 4″ depending on your shower’s specifications.

Snap-In Shower Drain Covers

Snap-in shower drain covers are designed to allow quick access to the shower drain. Installing a snap-in shower drain cover requires a template and a few common tools, like pliers, screwdrivers and silicone sealant.

The most popular types of snap-in shower drain covers include metals such as copper, stainless steel, brass and zinc alloy; as well as various colors of plastic or rubber.

Some models also feature decorative designs on the top surface that add unique style to your bathroom without requiring a custom tile job. Snap-in drains can improve water drainage from your shower, offering up to twenty times more flow than traditional circular drains.

Heavy Duty Screw-In Cast Drain Covers

Heavy Duty Screw-In Cast Drain Covers are typically composed of heavy duty steel and brass, giving them superior resistance to corrosion, along with a great deal more rigidity and strength.

These drain covers have very tight tolerances, offering a leak-proof design with 100% watertight performance, as well as a variety of finishes.

Heavy Duty Screw-In Cast Drain Covers feature multiple screws for superior permanence and support, ensuring that these models stay in place during draining for maximum safety and reliability.

The cover’s sturdy design also prevents it from vibrating or becoming loose during use – perfect for showers that experience frequent guests or additional weight.

Three Piece Shower Drain Covers

Three piece shower drain covers are designed for use in a wide range of floor-based showers, soaking tubs, or whirlpool baths.

The three piece design is ideal for most standard drain sizes and consist of the top cover plate, the center gasket, and the bottom basket plate.

The top cover plate usually has small slots or openings that help to channel excess water away from your shower floor. The center gasket creates a waterproof seal between the cover plate and your drain pipe. This helps prevent leaking into your shower stall or tub.

The bottom basket plate serves as a louvre screen to trap hair and other debris so it does not clog up your plumbing system. It fits snugly over the pipe openings in your floor drain to keep out foreign material while keeping water flowing freely away from your shower stall.

For bathrooms with more complex plumbing systems there are also three-piece designer drain covers that come in more stylish designs such as antique bronze, nickel plated brass, and even gold finishes that will match any modern bathroom décor you choose.

Point Drains cover types

A point drain cover is a common type of shower drain cover. Point drains are the drains found at the base of standing showers. These covers help to seal and protect against clogs and debris, while letting water to pass through freely. Point drains come in a variety of designs and materials, but they all fall into two main categories: threaded covers and snap-in covers.

Threaded covers fit over the drain with threading that connects to a special nut embedded around the drain’s perimeter. Threaded shower drain covers are typically styled like domes or gratings, covering the entire drainage hole evenly and tightly.

Linear Drains

Linear drains are long and narrow drains that offer a unique, attractive design option to complement modern bathrooms. They have simple lines that match up with many bathroom designs.

These drains can fit into an enclosure with the bottom of the shower or bathtub, or they can be installed in straight line runs between tiles. The size of these drain covers range from 2 inches to 4 inches wide and up to 6 feet in length – though any custom size is available upon request.

Linear drains are a great choice for tiled flooring and walk-in showers; they also come in different styles including stainless steel, stone, terrazzo, ceramic tile and marble.

Linear drain covers improve water drainage under widely varying circumstances enabling designers to create new shower designs sans curb or threshold steps for maximum accessibility purposes.

Hidden Shower Drains

Hidden shower drains are a great choice for those looking to upgrade their shower and create a seamless appearance in their bathroom. These drains are easily installed and require minimal maintenance. Hidden shower drains may be referred to as “concealed,” “half covered,” “flush mounted,” or “low-profile.”

These drains are mounted underneath the surface of the tile, creating an uninterrupted flow from wall to wall. They do require additional waterproofing and become difficult to access if they need repairs or cleaning. It is important to use a licensed plumbing professional when installing these drains, as they require more precise fitting than regular exposed models.

The size of the drain will depend on both the design of the shower and your budget; there are many different sizes available in multiple finishes such as stainless steel, copper, bronze and chrome.

While copper is costlier and requires some maintenance to retain its aesthetic appeal, stainless steel is both durable and affordable. Depending on your tile design preferences, you may opt for a grate finish to match your tile or an open finish that will allow more water flow through it.

FAQ: Shower Drain Cover Types

What is the standard shower drain cover size?

The standard sizes vary depending on the type of bathtub or shower you have as well as your particular installation needs. Generally, most tub and shower drains are designed for 2-inch openings and use a 4 1/4-inch strainer cover that fits over the opening.

This is something you should check when shopping for replacement parts, as some bathtubs may require larger covers such as 5-inch or 7 1/4-inch ones.

Do you need a shower drain cover?

The answer is yes! Installing a shower drain cover is an easy way to prevent clogged drains and protect your pipes from damage. They are also essential for preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria growth in your shower.

Some covers have a mesh design that lets water pass through while trapping hair and debris; others are solid with holes at the bottom so they still allow water to flow freely but trap anything too large to go through the holes.

For maximum protection against clogs, choose a heavy-duty metal or plastic drain cover that fits tightly over the opening of your shower drain. Installing one of these will help keep your drains running smoothly for years to come!

What will happen if drains are not covered?

If you don’t cover your drains, you may be in for a nasty surprise. Uncovered drains can cause a lot of problems, ranging from pest infestations to water damage in your home. Not only are uncovered drains unsightly, they also pose serious health risks that can affect the whole family.

The most common issue people face when they don’t cover their drains is pests. Rodents and insects love to move into the warmth of exposed pipes and use them as hiding spots or even nesting grounds.

It’s not just bugs either – rodents like mice and rats can also make their way into your house through uncovered drain pipes, bringing with them other health concerns such as fleas and disease-causing bacteria.

Moreover, open drains are also at risk of flooding due to heavy rain or overflowing gutters.

What diseases are caused by open drains?

Open drains provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests which carry a variety of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that can lead to illness when present in large numbers. Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are one of the most commonly found illnesses associated with open drains.

Additionally, poor sanitation around these open drains can contribute to an increase in water-borne diseases like cholera or gastroenteritis which thrive in contaminated water sources. Not only do these conditions affect humans but also animals living near the area who may come into contact with polluted water from the drainage system.

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