Personalized Photo Frames: the Ideal Gift for New Parents

All new parents are fascinated with two things. One, their new child. And two, pictures of their precious newborn. With good reason! That baby will only be that size for so long. Parents want to document every special moment. That’s why personalized photo frames make a great gift for new moms and dads. Here are some of the many things they might want to frame.


First and foremost, new parents are going to want pictures of their baby. There are shots of the baby alone, but also shots of grandma with the baby, grandpa holding him, siblings meeting the newborn and so on. Get personalized photo frames with many holes to fit a variety of family photos with the new little one.

Birth Certificate

That birth certificate is one of the most important documents in a new parent’s life. Framing it as wall art in the nursery is a nice way to remember that day, as well as baby’s height and weight when they were born. It might not always stay in the room, but it is something the parents, and the child, will keep forever.

Mom and Dad Pictures

Mom and dad are the center of any child’s world. The new parents might have some pregnancy shots as a couple that they can frame and place in the child’s room. Mom has a baby bump and these pictures, in a way, are the baby’s first photos. They’re also a nice reminder of the love between the parents.

Shadow Boxes

As the child grows, they will quickly have to get new clothes to keep up. That first pair of shoes and the outfit they wore from the hospital only fit for a short time. But that doesn’t mean they have to go into the donation pile. Giving the parents a shadow box allows them to use personalized photo frames to save special items and put them on display for longer. These boxes protect the items and give parents a memory to look back on.

Customizing the Frame

While there are many ways new parents can use frames for their new growing family, it’s even nicer to get them a frame with an even deeper meaning. Personalized photo frames are special and get the perfect placement in the nursery or other parts of the home. Here are a few options for customizing:

-Add the Name

Some parents choose their child’s name in advance. If you know what their child will be named, add his name to the frame, either through customization or stencil or sticker it on yourself. You can also get a frame and add that after the child is born.

-Special Colors

Did the parents paint their child’s room a certain color? Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? Choose colors that go along with those tones. You can also customize the frame, or choose the right options, based on other nursery themes. If they decorated with baby elephants, for example, choose a frame featuring that animal.

-Choose Words

Get a larger frame than you intend for them to use and then neatly write words on a mat around the frame. You can write the child’s name, if you know it, or words like ‘love’, ‘precious’, ‘baby’ and other such things.

Where to Find Frames

Once you have an idea of what you want for your friends’ frame gift, you just have to figure out where to get it. Here are a few options to help you hit the right stores and find just the right personalized photo frames.

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Customizing Websites

There’s a website for everything today, right? There are websites for personalized frames, for example. Look through the basic options and you get to choose how you will customize the frame and make it one of a kind for the new parents.

Other Websites

You can also get plain frames at good prices from other websites. Then, when the frame arrives, you can customize it yourself. Get a plain wooden frame, for example, and paint it in the right color yourself, adding sticker letters and other details. Allow time for delivery and customization. Don’t order last minute.

Craft Stores

Craft stores have tons of options on frames and all of the supplies you need for customizing that item. Look at pictures and decide what you want to do and then, gather everything you need to move forward with the personalizing.

Create Your Own

You don’t have to buy a frame in order to make a customized item. Get out some wood and make something that looks rustic and will fit the parents’ home style perfectly. Homemade gifts are often the most cherished and thoughtful. Be sure to write your name on the back of the frame along with the date so they remember who made it.

New parents always need diapers and onesies, but personalized photo frames also make a stellar gift. Whether you’re invited to a baby shower, or just want to give the new mom and dad something to celebrate their arrival, some kind of customized frame is a great contribution to their growing family.

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